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Countryside Firearms LLC in North Lawrence, OH

Countryside Firearms LLC is a family-owned and operated gun store and shooting range serving customers in the Lawrence, OH, area. We started this business in 2017 because of our strong support for the 2nd amendment and the firearms industry knowledge we knew we could provide to our community. We offer all different types of products, from handguns to long guns to tactical gear. We are also proud to sell all different types of ammunition.

One of the greatests perks of doing business with Countryside Firearms is that we have a team of experienced and certified shooting instructors. We strive to make the gun community in North Lawrence and surrounding areas one of the safest and well-trained in the whole state of Ohio.

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State-of-the-Art Guns and Gear

As most gun enthusiasts know, tactical gear is always advancing quickly, while firearms are advancing even quicker! The guns and gear that you find at Countryside Firearms LLC will always be state-of-the-art. You will often find a few older classic firearms on our racks as well, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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We have a wide selection of pistols and revolvers on hand. These firearms require an individual pistol permit to purchase, and you must have your original document with you in order to complete the sale. Shotguns and rifles both require a 4473 to be filled out and submitted successfully.

How long does the permit process take?

This process can take anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour for approval based on how long a background check can take. Most tactical gear and ammo can be purchased without any permit or background check. We always have the right to discretion on these products though.

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Countryside Firearms LLC in North Lawrence, OH


Tactical Gear

Customer Testimonials

“Great FFL service, knowledgeable staff, interested in customer service, prompt notification, and very reasonable fees. Used them for two transfers in 2019.”
Michael M.
“Just stopped by on my way back to Indiana. 22lr hollow point for less than 15 bucks box of 100. The staff was respectable and honest.”
Will M
“Awesome place. Can’t wait to get my new gun in layaway very soon”
Luke D.
“If you are looking for a great instructor with an individual approach, this is the place you should try 100%”
Robert S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your product availability?

To inquire about a specific product, contact our store at 330-830-3099.

“I need to have a firearm shipped to you so that I can pick it up. Can I do this through Countryside Firearms LLC?”

We accept firearm transfers as a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer from other stores or directly from a manufacturer. The transfer fee is $20. All state and federal laws must be complied with in order for us to complete the transfer to you.

For more information about our products and how we can assist you, please contact us today at 330-830-3099.

Countryside Firearms LLC
13785 Wooster street NW
North Lawrence Ohio 44666

Business Hours

9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday by appointment only

Closed Sunday

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